Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the absolute best property management and development company, measured not only by the success we achieve, but the manner in which we achieve it. Through our core values of Service, Innovation, Integrity, Team, and Loyalty, and an unwavering commitment to excellence at every level of operation, we achieve this success.

Core Values


We are dedicated to serving our tenants, our customers, and our community with respect, dedication, and the highest level of excellence.


For more than 75 years, we have been innovators, set apart by abandoning the norm and creating the exceptional.


We take pride in the products we offer and the work we perform. We take ownership of our tasks and always deliver what we promise.


Everything we accomplish is a collaborative effort, cultivated and nurtured by respecting the opinions and ideas generated by our peers and colleagues.


We honor and respect our relationships by devoting ourselves to earning and retaining the trust of everyone with whom we work.

We believe our core values represent more than just cornerstones of excellence; they represent quality, character, and prestige which is why these core values are designated as the five stars of Gebhart Properties Five Star Powered Service.

Pledge of Excellence

As an employee of Gebhart Properties, I pledge to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence by being dedicated to the core values of Service, Innovation, Integrity, Team, and Loyalty — the five stars of Five Star Powered Service — in every task I perform.

I will provide service to our community by respecting the importance of accomplishing tasks with a sincere effort and skillful execution.

I will embrace innovation by keeping my mind open to new ideas, fully supporting change, and looking for new ways to set us apart in the marketplace.

I will be a symbol of integrity by taking pride in the work I perform and by going above and beyond expectations.

I will embody team by working and communicating with employees at every staff level, respecting diversity of thought, and ensuring we achieve excellence.

I will express loyalty by honoring and respecting our relationships and devoting myself to earning and retaining the trust of everyone with whom I work.